Smart Street Lighting & Humble Lamppost

With regards to smart street lights, Hamburg is focusing on the improvement of pedestrian and bicycle connections. Therefore, the Borough of Bergedorf has planned a new continuous cycling and walking connection on the west side of the channel “Schleusengraben”. Here, new street lights will provide modern LED lighting, an adaptive lighting, a bicycle counter and Wi-Fi at selected places.

In two streets in the Borough of Bergedorf, more than 50 lampposts will be retrofitted with LED lighting. By using white light, a good colour rendering is achieved, which leads to an improvement of the quality of stay and a better perception in the public space. Also in areas where traffic areas are directly adjacent to nature reserves, the LED light offers a feasible solution with its defined beam characteristic and insect-friendly colour temperature.

Have a look at our public deliverables D3.10 and D3.11 to learn more.