Smart urban transformation for citizens

Nantes is not only the sixth largest city of France but also a very attractive place to live.
Counting the inhabitants of the metropolitan area, 600,000 inhabitants are enjoying a high quality of life. With an increased population of 22% over the last 25 years and 100,000 new residents expected by 2030, the major challenge of Nantes is to keep this high standard in times of demographic expansion. Creativity in urban planning and sustainable development has been the key driver during the past years. Nantes Metropole has invested a lot in research and innovation. These efforts combine a high quality of life with a dynamic urban development.

Have a look at our public deliverables D2.1 and D2.2 to learn more.

mySMARTLife activities in Nantes

The "Ile de Nantes" (Island of Nantes) is one of the eleven districts of Nantes and the demonstration area which concentrates most of the planned activities of mySMARTLife: 4.9 km long and 1 km wide, located in the centre of the City of Nantes, the two branches of the Loire River define the island's boundaries. The demo area is divided into three zones with different objectives where the 47 mySMARTLife actions are carried out:

  • Zone 1 (new buildings area in Île de Nantes) is an area where the construction of new buildings takes place, including the connection to the high-performance district heating. Project actions will include a carbon neutral multimodal concept including renewable energy sources production and storage, smart energy systems and "soft" mobility services, the integration of innovative digital boilers in two new buildings and the development of smart public lightning concept. Furthermore, a new multimodal concept will be implemented, including renewable energy sources, smart energy systems and "soft" mobility services such as smart power management, smart charging and rental services.
  • The focus of the activities in Zone 2 (retrofitting area in Île de Nantes) is set on retrofitting. A multi-owner residential building will be retrofitted, including façades, roof insulation, connection to district heating and an integration of renewable energy sources managed through a power management system together with an innovative financing instrument. At the same time, an innovative concept of energy retrofitting in individual houses is taking place comprising insulation of attics and walls, the installation of smart thermostats and a hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic system.
  • Finally, Zone 3 (district-city level) covers the entire city, with a focus on mobility and infrastructure actions. 20 new e-buses, nearly 80 charging stations, optimisation of the district heating operation, smart metering and public lighting will be realised, together with a new Urban Data Platform.  Citizen solar projects and multi owner building retrofitting projects will be facilitated through two web-based platforms.


Benoit Cuvelier, Nantes Metropole project coordinator
Phone: +33 (0)240 99 67 88