Smart City Talks – “Together, we are stronger!”

mySMARTLife and smart cities projects MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST have collaborated to offer a webinar series on mobility, energy and ICT solutions implemented in the respective projects. 120 participants attended the three webinars organised between April and June 2021.

“Together, we are stronger!” - With this words, mySMARTLife Coordinator and Current Chair of the Board of Coordinators, Rubén Garcia Pajares, finalised his introductory words of the webinar sessions on mobility and energy. This motto does not only refer to the fact that relevant stakeholders are joining forces in a project to create something great together, but also that synergies between different projects can lead to very fruitful results.

Therefore, mySMARTLife and smart cities projects MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST have collaborated to offer a webinar series on mobility, energy and ICT solutions implemented in the respective projects. 120 participants (40 participants per webinar on average) attended the three webinars organised every last Thursday of the month between April and June 2021. In one hour, experts from smart cities projects introduced their exploitable results and had a lively discussion with their colleagues from other smart cities projects and the audience about their achievements and challenges.

29 April 2021 - Mobility Solutions: e-busses, e-charging and multimodal mobility hubs

In the first webinar, mySMARTLife Lighthouse City Hamburg presented different transport solutions including electrification of bus lines with 10 e-busses, related software projects as well as new charging infrastructure.

In MAtchUP, mobility solutions for the housing industry (e.g., charging infrastructure for e-cars) and an e-charging app as well as multimodal mobility hubs for tenants and citizens in Lighthouse City Dresden were presented.
“Despite being part of the problem, Cities can also be part of the solution”, stated Ricardo Vitorino representing POCITYF Lighthouse City Évora. Part of this solution are electric vehicle (EV) charging management solutions:  e-mobility services are integrated into a smart grid; an EV charging platform and mobile application were developed.

27 May 2021 - Energy Solutions: Solar energy, hybrid district heating and energy communities

The second webinar was dedicated to energy solutions. Nantes Métopole, one of mySMARTLife Lighthouse Cities, introduced its "solar plan" consisting of different solar energy solutions to achieve citizen dialogue commitments. It was developed based on citizen involvement and includes solutions such as public building solar energy deployment, citizen plants and a solar cadaster.

In MAKING-CITY Lighthouse City Oulu, a hybrid district heating was installed with recuperation of energy of the return line for the heat pump system to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Technologies applied in the Positive Energy District include heat pumps using waste heat from the return line, solar panels and sewage water heat recovery systems as well as a combined cooling and heating system.

In MAtchUP Lighthouse City Valencia, prosumers energy communities were founded to raise awareness among citizens for solar energy production and to share energy. Energy communities revealed to be a real tool of economic and social transformation that contribute not only to a sustainable but also to a just energy transition.

24 June 2021 - ICT Solutions: Positive Energy Districts, Smart Grids and Open Data

In the last webinar of this series, Lighthouse City Helsinki introduced the Helsinki Energy and Climate Atlas developed in the mySMARTLife project. This 3D atlas addresses homeowners, city planners as well as companies providing energy solutions and investors. It enables the user not only to look up current energy data for a specific building in Helsinki, but also to simulate alternative energy solutions, including solar energy and geo energy potential and thus to see the effects of energy renovations.
In Groningen, Lighthouse City of MAKING-CITY project, an Urban Data Platform for Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) was implemented. For Groningen, this platform bundles three already existing platforms: Sustainable Buildings (improve energy consumption in buildings), Energy Islands (data analysis and standardisation) and an Open Data portal. It enables for instance energy system simulation of the Positive Energy District.
In the POCITYF project, a digital platform for the monitoring and planning of urban energy systems, called “GRIDS energyCity” was developed. It enables stakeholders to create a digital twin of their city and to shape the transformation in different sectors. It also helps to plan and simulate decarbonisation for one city, neighbourhood or a single building.
Thanks to STARDUST project, Tampere.Finland application based on open data facilitates the daily life of the residents of the Finnish City and is also a valuable tool for tourists. It can be used to plan a trip and even replaces a library card. Additionally, user location data are collected for the input of the smart street lighting system in Viinikka lighting pilot area.

All three webinars have been recorded and made available on the mySMARTLife YouTube channel:

Besides, you can watch the trailer of the Smart Cities Talks webinar series here.

If you want to know more about mySMARTLife solutions (Heat Demand Response, Public lighting, Electric Power Tenant Supply, Open Urban Platform), check out the following mySMARTLife webinar recording: