mySMARTLife - A week of activities in Helsinki

How many activities can you pack in a week? If you are part of the mySMARTLife team, the answer is a lot: a periodic meeting, a review meeting, an exploitation workshop, a study visit, a study tour and a press conference.

From 17th to 20th September, the mySMARTLife consortium met in Helsinki for an intense working week starting with their periodic meeting and review meeting. Here, the focus was on the latest achievements of the project and the reporting of its past 12 months.  

From the evolution of the urban transformation strategy, to the actions in the Lighthouse Cities Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki and the Follower Cities Rijeka, Bydgoszcz and Palencia, to the progress of the replication strategy and the supporting communication and exploitation work – mySMARTLife, now in its third year, makes good progress in all fields.

“It is impressive how the consortium tackles energy, ICT, retrofit, mobility as well as non-technical actions from all sectors to make it a well-established smart city project with innovations in all the above mentioned fields”, stated Rubén García Pajares, project coordinator of mySMARTLife.

A study tour to Helsinki’s Regional Environmental Services Authority (HSY) demonstrated to the mySMARTLife consortium how a sustainable progressive city like Helsinki with a stringent carbon neutral target (2035) deals with waste & recycling collection, waste water treatment as well as air quality monitoring. HSY with its 764 employees collects waste & recycling from 1.1 M residents and has a target to have 60% municipal waste recycled by 2025. Today the organisation is 99% energy self-sufficient and has the motto “Together we will create the world’s most sustainable urban region.”

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