Capacity building in mySMARTLife – Webinar and Study visit in Rijeka

In mySMARTLife, capacity building is playing a vital role to ensure a mutual learning process between the Lighthouse Cities (Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki) and the Follower Cities (Bydgoszcz, Rijeka and Palencia) thus facilitating cooperation in sustainable urban development. To this end, an innovative methodology based on urban coaching and mentoring was developed. This methodology will allow cities to have an assessment of their transformation and produce a self-analysis to understand and detect replicable solutions. In a first stage, the mySMARTLife Lighthouse and Follower Cities presented their 31 most replicable projects that were grouped into four domains: efficient buildings, city infrastructure, non-technical actions and mobility. The suggested projects were then evaluated by experienced coaches and by the cities themselves. On this basis, five mentoring sessions are organised:

1. Efficient buildings & Energy in Nantes

2. ICT services in Rijeka

3. Smart Lighting (city infrastructure) in Bydgoszcz

4. Non-technical actions in Helsinki

5. Mobility in Hamburg

After the first study visit in Nantes in March 2019, the mySMARTLife partners gathered in Follower City Rijeka on 28 May 2019 for the second study tour on ICT services to further enhance the capacity building process in mySMARTLife. Rijeka’s Smart City Strategy focused on ICT projects, the following ICT solutions could be presented to the partners: Smart Energy Monitoring, e-Government (ISGR - City of Rijeka Information service, Open Data Portal, e-Engagement), an information system for the Department of Health and Social Welfare and a Competence Centre. Furthermore, the session was complemented by ICT presentations from other project partners and local companies. Thus, a fruitful exchange of experiences between mySMARTLife Cities and stakeholders took place.

Besides, mySMARTLife has organised a webinar on 29th April 2019 dedicated to the topic of “Capacity Building in Smart Cities”. The mySMARTLife Lighthouse and Follower Cities shared their expertise on smart, sustainable urban transformation. The aim was to help stakeholders build their capacities to set up their own urban transformation strategies.

You can watch the webinar recording on the mySMARTLife EU YouTube Channel.

Further information on our webinars can be found here.